Billy V and Kanaʻiolowalu

Do you know who William Van Osdol is?  If you listen to Hawaiian 105 FM in the morning or have watched Hawaiʻi News Now’s Sunrise segment, then you know him by a different name.  More affectionately known as “Billy V,” William is a veteran radio and television broadcaster and he registered with Kanaʻiolowalu. 



Billy V’s reason for registering with Kanaʻiolowalu is precisely why bringing the Native Hawaiian people together is so important.  “I signed up so I know when the time comes to give my manaʻo on the direction of where we are going as Hawaiians, I’ll be included in the decision,” Billy V explained.


Why Kanaʻiolowalu?

Kanaiʻolowalu is inclusive.  It invites all Native Hawaiians to register including those who have their own ideas for how we should move forward as a community.


More importantly Kanaʻiolowalu is consistent with how self-governance should work.  The way good self-governance should work is a simple 3-step process.  

1.) bring people together, then

2.) people come together to discuss self-governance issues and ideas, then,

3.) those people who came together make decisions and move forward with self-governance.

Billy V (and more than 14,000 other Native Hawaiians) have already taken the first step in bringing the Native Hawaiian people together by registering with Kanaʻiolowalu.  

We hope you will take the first step towards self-governance with Billy V and other Native Hawaiians.  You can register today by going to https://kanaiolowalu.org/registernow/.  

If you are not a Native Hawaiian and support Native Hawaiian self-governance, you can show your support by signing the Kanaʻiolowalu petition at https://www.kanaiolowalu.org/petition/

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