Kanaʻiolowalu - Bringing the Hawaiian People Together

The Hawaiian people are at a critical moment in time where we must decide what kind of future we want.  

Unfortunately, we do not get to choose how our children and grandchildren will interpret, in 20-30 years, the decisions we must make today.  We can try to shape how they will view our choices, but ultimately judgment belongs to them alone.  As a result, we have difficult tasks ahead of us.  We must imagine a better future for Hawaiians that 1.) addresses the pressing issues we face today as a people, and 2.) lead to a more prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.  Then we must make the choices needed to turn that imagined future into reality.

Many Hawaiians have their own ideas as to how we can accomplish the tasks described above.  Some Hawaiians may actually believe that nothing needs to be done; that Hawaiians only need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps even if they only have slippers.  Others are likely to debate methods and models for governing ourselves.  Some others may choose to emphasize a cultural or linguistic identity over a political identity.  

Unfortunately, making these decisions collectively as a community, is neither necessary nor possible right now.  We have not yet organized ourselves collectively to make decisions as a community.  Organizing simply means that we will commit ourselves to discussing the issues we face and to work through those issues together.  

Our health and prosperity as a people requires us first to come together.  Will you take that first step with us?